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Over 80 years ago, Joseph Pilates developed the remarkable series of stretching and strengthening exercises that we now call Pilates. Today, Joseph Pilates method enjoys widespread appeal for the very best reason – it's fun, and it really works!

Privately Pilates - a fully equipped Main Line studio

Pilates lived his life to the fullest, and he believed the way to happiness was by maintaining and mastering your body, achieving the coordination of mind and body. You will improve your strength, flexibility and tone through Pilates. Even people with injuries can benefit, healing and strengthening far beyond their expectations.

People who arrive at Privately Pilates stressed from work leave an hour later more awake, invigorated and much more relaxed. It takes some time and dedication, but the results are worth it, and Pilates is FUN!

Privately Pilates is a special studio where highly qualified teachers and the highest quality equipment come together in a relaxed, plant-filled environment very different from most exercise studios. The studio is serene and peaceful, not at all like a gym. Instruction is either private or in duets, so the attention is to your individual needs.

Come see for yourself how you can change your body, invigorate your life, and learn a form of exercise you can love for the rest of your life. Call or email us today to schedule an appointment. 610-642-2072.

Privately Pilates
301 County Line Road
Ardmore, PA. 19003

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