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Pilates is everywhere, from Oprah to QVC, from cruise ships to local studios. But the quality of Pilates instruction varies widely, so today's Pilates enthusiast needs to make sure they're getting the best that Pilates has to offer.

For years, Pilates was well-known to professional dancers and athletes, who used what's come to be called "The Method" to heal injuries and improve their bodies. Today, people have discovered that The Method works just as well for the rest of us as it does for those professionals. It simply works.

Joseph Pilates only operated one studio, in New York City, where he taught what he called "Contrology." It was only a few years ago, after a contentious lawsuit, that the name  "Pilates" was able to be used in the way we use it today.

Pilates original studio was passed down to his protege, Romana Kryzanowska, although he had trained several other people as well. All of these early students, collectively and affectionately, are known as the Pilates elders. Romana herself is in her 80's, and still gives demanding classes and work-outs that put younger people to shame. Other elders, such as the dancer Ron Fletcher, have developed their own adaptations of pilates.

In broad strokes, there are now several "types" of Pilates, known by their centers of teaching: the New York, West Coast and Colorado schools. There are also many types of Pilates, from "classical" (i.e. true to Pilates teachings) and reform (with new exercises and techniques developed by some of today's masters).  There are also many levels and types of teacher training, so there's a wide variety of teachers out there, from people who've taken a cursory training, to those who've gone through multi-year intensive programs.

The hundreds of exercises Joe Pilates developed years ago still stand, but how they're taught, and the experience a teacher brings to your lesson, will determine how much you get out of your Pilates experience. If you've done Pilates in a typical gym, your first lesson in Privately Pilates will show you what we mean.

.. and our Studio

Privately Pilates was started in 2004 by Dr. Terry O'Connor, a PMA-certified Pilates Instructor and her husband, Peter Jensen, who's also a certified Pilates Instructor.

From the beginning, the studio was designed to be a unique reflection of our love for Pilates and our standards for serving our clients.

The studio is an intimate, plant-filled environment where superb teachers work with you individually or in a very small-group setting with the complete set of Pilates apparatus.

Privately Pilates offers rates and schedules that are convenient and competitive, and teachers that are experienced and very well trained in the Method. Click on the teacher link to learn more about them individually. Feel free to email us, or call 610-642-2072 to learn more and schedule an appointment 

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