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Teachers make the studio

Students who are serious about Pilates quickly discover that the quality of teaching, and teachers, varies widely.

Privately Pilates operates as a cooperative, a group of highly qualified teachers coming together out of love for Pilates and what we can offer our students.

Some of us were dancers, others have passed through the most rigorous of Pilates training programs, and all of us continue to train and learn, in order to better serve the people who come to us to transform their bodies. We're committed to being the best that we can be for you - offering you the very best of Pilates.

Click on any of the teacher links on the right to learn more about individual teachers, and use the email or phone contact info to reach us directly. We're here to serve you, and provide you with a wonderful experience of Pilates.

Click to learn more about our fine teachers:

Dr. Terry O'Connor, studio owner
Weekday afternoons, weekends and evening hours

Gemma Pagliei
Mornings, weekends and evenings by appointment

Susan Gore
Mornings, weekends and evenings by appointment

Lenore Denbin
Daytime by appointment

Privately Pilates offers rates and schedules that are convenient and competitive. Feel free to email us, or call 610-642-2072 to schedule an appointment 

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