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Teachers make the studio special:

Lenore Denbin

Certified Pilates Instructor
Member: Pilates Method Alliance

Lenore Denbin's Pilates experience began in 1995. An avid fitness enthusiast and runner, Lenore was looking to add another dimension to her exercise program after delivering her first child. She became an immediate devotee of the Pilates method and continued practicing throughout her next pregnancy, making Pilates a primary part of her fitness regime. In 2006, Lenore became a certified teacher after completing Body Precision's classically-based comprehensive 700-hour training program. Additionally, Lenore is a PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) -Certified Instructor, certified in Pilates for Golf and licensed to teach Ron Fletcher Towelwork.

Lenore continues to broaden her scope of teaching by taking regular lessons with top teachers in Philadelphia and New York City, along with frequent workshops conducted by internationally-known instructors. Lenore enjoys working with all different populations, including our nation's youth, and strives to make a program unique to her individual client's needs. Lenore seeks to integrate Pilates into every area of her life and aims to help her clients achieve a greater ease of movement, flexibility and strength.

The PMA is an internationally-recognized governing body of Pilates' instructors. Contact Lenore directly at Denbins@verizon.net or (610) 649-9568.

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Dr. Terry O'Connor, studio owner
Weekday afternoons, weekends and evening hours

Gemma Pagliei
Mornings, weekends and evenings by appointment

Susan Gore
Mornings, weekends and evenings by appointment

Lenore Denbin
Daytime by appointment

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