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Teachers make the studio special:

Susan Gore

Certified Pilates Instructor
Member: Pilates Method Alliance

Susan came to the Pilates method through a background in sports, gymnastics and dance. She has been an aerobics/fitness instructor for 15 years and has been studying dance in earnest for the past 15 years as well. It was through dance that she came into contact with people who recommended Pilates to her. They said she would love it, and that has proven to be true! Susan feels that Pilates puts everything in perspective: it has helped her in everything that she does, in dance, fitness and in life.

When she began Pilates eight years ago, she discovered that she had a form of scoliosis. Although it is structural, her scoliosis is of a muscular form as well. Through the Pilates method, Susan has been able to work her muscles uniformly, and her body continues to change and improve weekly. And she was a fan of Pilates even before this! She thoroughly enjoys helping people discover the possibilities of their own bodies through Pilates.

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Dr. Terry O'Connor, studio owner
Weekday afternoons, weekends and evening hours

Gemma Pagliei
Mornings, weekends and evenings by appointment

Susan Gore
Mornings, weekends and evenings by appointment

Lenore Denbin
Daytime by appointment

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